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Oxbridge interviews are constantly changing as competition for these two leading universities ever increases. Whetstone is an Oxbridge applications advisory guaranteeing the highest quality interview practice with successful interviewees currently studying at Oxford and Cambridge.

We have found that the advice given to applicants all too often comes from graduates and reflects the out-of-date interview experience that they had. Therefore, Whetstone has formed a network of current students covering Oxford and Cambridge who are dedicated to properly prepareapplicants for what is going on behind the interview doors right now.

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Internationally trusted

Our network of current Oxbridge students have successfully helped applicants from these countries.

How it works

  • Browse our Oxbridge interviewers.
  • Schedule a practice interview and pay securely online.
  • Complete your online interview and receive valuable feedback notes and videos.

Real-Time Video Feedback

Part of what makes Whetstone Oxbridge so unique is the style of feedback we offer at the end of your practice interview.

  • At the end of the session you will be sent a video recording of your interview with real- time feedback comments.
  • This means that when the interviewer makes a note about you during the interview, it is saved and will appear on your screen in the recorded version of the interview that you receive afterwards.
  • You will also be sent comprehensive written notes detailing the questions that were asked, as well as any reading recommendations and areas to improve on.

Why Choose Us?


Our affordable online tool enables applicants to hone and sharpen their interview skills anytime and anywhere. There is no need to come to London and pay large sums of money to attend a single information crammed interview prep day. Instead applicants can choose from hundreds of current Oxbridge students available through Whetstone and practice at their own rate.

High Quality Feedback

At the end of your practice interview you will receive the video of yourself during the interview with real time feedback comments. You will also have a 15 minute de-brief in which your interviewer will outline where you need to improve. You can then take their notes and the video and go over it in your own time before coming back for another practice.

Additional Support

We work with schools and teachers to provide them with additional support in their students' applications. Schools can only provide a limited number of practice interviews. We encourage teachers to help their students use Whetstone Oxbridge as another preparation tool. If requested, we send interview feedback to both teacher and student so that they can work on the necessary improvements together.

Largest student network

You can select interviewers based on university, course and even college. Spanning all courses and colleges, at both Oxford and Cambridge, we will help connect you with students who successfully went through the exact same interviews that you will be taking.

Current students

We only employ current Oxbridge students. Results have shown that this leads to greater chances of success because no one can shed better light on the nature of the Oxbridge interview at the moment than those who successfully completed the process only a year or two before you.

Practice makes Perfect

We offer practice interview packages which enable you to mix-and-match and practice with as many different Oxbridge students as you like to get experience with different interview styles and questions.

Whetstone for schools

We are proud to be trusted by top performing schools not only in the UK, but across the world.

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If you would like to learn more about the support we offer, or if you have any questions or queries please contact us:

Fenella Chesterfield

Whetstone Education Ltd

+44 7741 310310

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