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Cecilia Catuogno-Cal


Academic interests...

My course, chemical engineering, encompasses all my main academic interests: maths, physics, and chemistry, with both some pure aspects of the sciences and a heavy focus on an engineering style approach to problem solving.

What I wish I'd known before my Oxbridge interviews...

I would have liked to know that the interviewers really didn't care how much stuff I knew, they were just interested in seeing how my brain worked and responded to problems and new information. There was no need to panic about forgetting the periodic table or messing up some basic maths!

Extra-curricular interests...

I split my time outside of academics between target rifle shooting and jiu jitsu. I have been shooting for eight years and I have represented the university in two Varsity matches and the universities league. It's a great and time consuming sport but I tried jiu jitsu last year when I arrived at university, and loved it, so carried on with it as it provides a nice balance to my week.

Previous interviewing and tutoring experience

As well as helping with interviews and entrance tests, I also have experience tutoring A level students.

"Feedback on personal statement questions that could be asked was really useful and types of questions to look out for like graph sketching!"