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Hazel Ferguson


Academic interests...

The History course at Oxford really allows you to explore all sorts of topics and to bring in your own interests into choosing what essays you do and what you focus on in tutorials. I am interested in seeing how ideas from other disciplines in the so

What I wish I'd known before my Oxbridge interviews...

I was surprised that my interviews were only 20 minutes long, which meant they were very fast-paced. I have to stress that you can take your time to think your answers through in your head: you may think any time you do take to think in silence feels like an age in the interview, but in reality this will really not be as long as you think due to the stress of the situation. Also feel free to voice your thinking process out loud to the tutors, as they are assessing your potential as a learner and someone they can enjoy working with for three years.

Extra-curricular interests...

I am really into sports: I am the captain of the Oxford Womens 2nds basketball team, and play football and netball for my college. I also do a lot of skiing and watch a variety of sports. Aside from sports, I love to travel and just spend time with my friends, as university life can get pretty busy and it can be easy to not see some of your friends for a while.

Previous interviewing and tutoring experience