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Riccardo Mario Barnard


Academic interests...

Game theory, behavioural Economics and environmental economics.

What I wish I'd known before my Oxbridge interviews...

The importance of student presentation and discussions with the interviewer, rather than just saying a correct answer. In my opinion, it is very important to actively engage with the interviewer and demonstrate an ability to learn through the process

Extra-curricular interests...

Football, gym, tutoring and travelling.

Previous interviewing and tutoring experience

I have been tutoring as an Oxbridge Applications specialist and Economics tutor for a number of companies this year during my MPhil. In terms of interview preparations, I have covered both pure Economics and Economics & Management. The interviews are based off of past questions adapted to recent research or specific areas of Economics (climate change, network effects, game theory etc). I have a number of brainteasers and mathematical questions that I have designed to get incrementally harder, to simulate an interview.