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Rupert Fitzsimmons


Academic interests...

18th and 19th century politics and political thought - currently looking into the manuscript writings and speeches of Sir Philip Francis. Can cover most British history from the late 15th century and some sections of Medieval European History.

What I wish I'd known before my Oxbridge interviews...

These days it is common to advise applicants that the interview process is reasonably mundane. It is certainly true that you won't be asked to explain the inside of a banana or have a rugby ball thrown at you at high velocity. That being said, still be ready for unexpected questions. Be ready to be put on the spot.

Extra-curricular interests...

I spend most of my non-working time either shooting a variety of rifles for university or county teams or out on the rugby pitch playing for the college team. I also claim to have a minor proficiency in Hindi speaking; please don't test me on it as I am quite rusty!

Previous interviewing and tutoring experience

Following graduation, started work as a teacher of History and Politics at St Paul’s School. With current experience of the rigors and expectations of Oxbridge as well as an awareness of the pressures and difficulties of both school entrance and public examinations, I have a solid grounding in what is required of young men and women throughout the critical phases of their education. I know just how much it can take to motivate pupils and delight in guiding them through challenges and obstacles so that they not only achieve their fullest potential, but enjoy doing so.