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Fenella Chesterfield


Academic interests...

The breadth of the Theology course that is offered at Cambridge meant that I started to take a keen interest in Judaism (both modern Jewish studies as well as Old Testament). This developed into a final third year dissertation on Jewish female purity. I decided to stay on in Cambridge to complete an MPhil in African Jewish studies, where I had the fortune of being able to carry out my research whilst staying with the Abayudaya tribe in Northern Uganda. Since returning to the UK I have taught A level Religious Studies at a prestigious English boarding school and have extensive knowledge of Christianity and Buddhism as well.

What I wish I'd known before my Oxbridge interviews...

Before my interview I wish I had been warned that my personal statement and submitted essays wouldn't really be talked about at all. I know this differs for many people, but certainly I found that my personal statement wasn't even mentioned and after a brief minutes spent discussing my submitted essay (on something generic like Bentham's Utilitarianism) my soon to be director of studies said: 'right well I can see you are comfortable talking about that so... changing tack... how would you go about dating the Old Testament?!'

Extra-curricular interests...

I am an avid traveller. I have volunteered on community projects all over the world, and carried out research projects in Africa and Israel. I spent last summer studying Hebrew in Tel Aviv. I have also explored much of India through my passion for yoga and am now a fully qualified yoga teacher.

Previous interviewing and tutoring experience

Whilst employed at Rugby school I worked closely with the head of Oxbridge at Rugby school in helping to prepare students for Oxbridge Interviews. Since becoming a full time professional tutor I have carried out numerous practice interview and helped many students prepare and hone their subject interests and skills prior to interview.