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Interview practice

While many schools are very adept at supporting their students through Oxbridge applications, there is only a limited amount of practice that they can offer. We have found that, on average, applicants have only one practice interview, and this is usually with a teacher that they are already familiar with.

Whetstone offers schools interview practice packages where, depending on the number of applicants they have that year, they can purchase interview hours for their pupils. We provide schools with a series of codes which they can distribute to their applicants to enable them to find, book and practice their interview skills with a current Oxbridge student.

At the end of the practice will we then send the feedback given to both the pupil and the school co-ordinator. This enables teacher and pupil to work on the comments made together. Teachers are an invaluable resource of experience and advice. Our interview practice tool therefore supports teachers in preparing their pupils for Oxbridge interview.

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Whetstone Roadshow

As part of our outreach program, if you are a UK based school you can register interest in booking a slot on our annual Roadshow.

  • Free of charge, we organise for one of our current student teams to come and offer a range of talks and workshops designed to support prospective applicants.
  • From breaking down the myths surrounding what makes an Oxbridge student, to detailed interview preparation workshops, we adapt our services to each individual school.
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